Red Spectrum’s origin began in 2012 when the progressive band Mars Hollow found themselves in need of a bassist and drummer. Keyboardist Steve Mauk asked Joe August, (Mars Hollow’s original bass player) if he would rejoin the band and he brought in Bob Craft on drums whom he had collaborated with in numerous bands. Rehearsal’s began and the single “So Far Away” was recorded and released. When JohnBaker left to pursue a career in Oklahoma, Gary Damron was recruited on guitar and Red Spectrum’s original lineup was formed.

The band began working on material in Steve’s Simi Valley studio, and after a showcase performance at Valencia Production Partners Studios, serious rehearsals began there as material was written for a first album. 2013 saw live performances at Paladino’s and completion of an unreleased album until eventually creative differences lead to the departure of Gary. 

After many auditions the band was lucky enough to find guitarist Rob Garland and work began writing new material. With a desire to expand beyond an instrumental only sound, countless auditions were held for vocalists with James Lee Lopez joining the lineup for a performance in 2015. 

In 2017, the band had the good fortune of finding vocalist Donovan Germain and their self titled album was recorded and released later that year followed by their CD release party/performance in January 2018.

Recording at Valencia Production Partners Studio

Rehearsing with James

Album Artwork

Paladino's January 2018 show (photos by Dave Khorsandi)

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