Originally from the U.K. Rob Garland has played hundreds of gigs with a diverse array of bands. He has teaching guitar for 25 years and works as an instructor for TrueFire(.com). 

Rob currently performs with his fusion power trio (Rob Garland's Eclectic Trio), jazz band (Catatonic) and progressive rock band (Red Spectrum). He has performed sessions at Los Angeles studios such as Revolver and The Village Recorder and co-writes music for Bad Robot. He continues to write, record and release his original music ranging in genre from jazz/rock instrumental to acoustic vocal folk.

Musicians Rob has worked with include Jimmy Haslip (The Yellowjackets), Tony Newton (Gary Moore), Mick Stevens (Brand X), and Gus Thornton (Albert King). He is influenced by "everyone from Joni Mitchell to Frank Zappa."  Visit Rob at www.robgarland.net


Bob Craft (drums and percussion) was born in Encino California, and started playing drums at the age of 13, influenced by Rush's Neil Peart and Led Zeppelin's John Bonham. As a founding member of the Los Angeles based progressive rock band "Under the Sun" he helped shape the sound and style of the material that would end up on their debut self titled album. In addition to performing on Michael Moje's pop album "In the Mood", Bob joined forces with guitar virtuoso Vince Vrbancic and lent his signature drum sound to Vinces two acclaimed albums "Return to Avalon" and "Age of Contact".

In the Summer of 1999, Bob met Joe August as the two formed the melodic rock band "August" and a partnership began that would lead to numerous gigs and recordings.

Additionally, Bob has recorded on Michael Moje's smooth jazz album "Reflections". Bob returned to his progressive rock roots by performing with Joe, Steve, and vocalist/guitarist John Baker on Mars Hollow's single "So Far Away". The culmination of his experience has led to his current gig- creating progressive music with the group Red Spectrum.




Joe August (bass) a Los Angeles native, was born and raised in the Land Of Rock 'N Roll, the spectacular San Fernando Valley. Joe's world was set on fire when he first heard AC/DC's Back In Black, and he was instantly addicted to it's raw power and energy. Joe's "Eureka" moment was with his first dose of Rush's Masterpiece 2112 , followed by Yes' Close To The Edge. This inspiration forever changed Joe and led to the hard work of earning his first Rickenbacker 4001 bass.

Joe first met Bob when they worked together with the band, August, and recorded their first album together titled "Brainwash Me". Since then, Joe and Bob have continued to play together in Los Angeles' premiere Led Zeppelin tribute band, "Black Dog", and have always been one of LA's tightest and dynamic rhythm teams.

In 2007 Joe and Steve worked together with a band that would later become Mars Hollow and helped craft parts to songs that would constitute parts of their debut album. In 2012 Joe and Bob came together as a rhythm team for a revitalized Mars Hollow, and they proved themselves quickly recording the single "So Far Away"

Joe, Bob, and Steve's connection was powerful and has ultimately led to Red Spectrum's current lineup with Rob.


Steve Mauk (keyboards) grew up in a musical household listening to Broadway musicals and classical symphonies. Steve started classical piano lessons at age six and studied with his Grandmother (a published songwriter and professional violinist and pianist).

Steve formed his first band in high school and worked in numerous prog-rock and Top 40 bands from the late '70s throughout the early '90s. While studying composition and electronic music at UCLA, he played the LA club circuit with new wave bands Aquatint and 99 Temptations, along with pop/rock band Lily White. He also scored numerous short films and composed music for various cable television programs, and at one point worked with Sugarloaf songwriter J.C. Phillips (who wrote the classic '70s FM radio staple "Green Eyed Lady").

Steve returned to his prog-rock roots in the mid-2000s, as a founding member of the acclaimed progressive rock band Mars Hollow, recording two albums with renowned producer Ronan Chris Murphy and former Yes member Billy Sherwood as well as performing in festivals and international concerts. Having the good fortune of reconnecting with Joe in the Summer of 2012, Steve was introduced to Bob, forming the origins of Red Spectrum.




Donovan Germain (vocals) grew up in a small town in Minnesota and credits Garth Brooks as his first singing coach. Singing along to Garth's hits while driving into town, Donovan found his love of singing and began studying music in school. Choir, vocal jazz, and musical theatre became his interests, and a degree in vocal music education soon followed.

After college, Donovan founded an acappella group and performed professionally aboard numerous cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Norwegian. Once back on land, he moved to Los Angeles where he was a vocalist for multiple entertainment companies and began to pursue his next vocal endeavor: singing original rock music.

In addition to Red Spectrum, Donovan now fronts another original rock band as well.